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Music out


I am. But to elaborate more for you. 


Nic Bambrough, also known as Nic Bam, is a true polymath with a deep passion for music, art, alchemy, family, and friendship. As a sigma male, I am dedicated to my creative endeavours and committed to my values, always striving to be a scholar and a gentleman.


My musical journey began over a decade ago when I started managing and touring as an emcee/hype-man with artists like Moka Only, Illa J, and Tanya Morgan. Since then, I have performed at over 500 shows as a solo performer, in a group, or as a hype man.


However, my love for music goes beyond just performing. In 2023, I am fully producing my music for the first time and building up a catalogue of my singles and EPs that will begin to drop in the summer of 2023. From the music to the music videos, I am creating everything myself, and all will see my unique vision.


But music is not my only passion. I am also a talented artist who pours my heart and soul into my work. Creating art is not just a hobby or profession but a way of life for me. My obsession with my art and the intense emotions I experience while making it are typical among artists. But for me, it is an essential part of my creative process. I cannot imagine a life without my art, and I feel a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose when creating something new.


Apart from art and music, I deeply value my family and friendships. These relationships provide me with the support and love needed to pursue my passions and deal with my mental health issues. My connection with my culture and community is so strong that I have rejoined a non-profit organization that represents my culture and is close to my heart.


My journey is a testament to the power of art, music, family, and friendship in our lives. I am reminded to pursue passions, nurture relationships, and care for mental health. My approach to life and unwavering commitment to my creative endeavours are deserved because I want them.

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