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The proudest moments of Nic’s life have been his marriage and the births of three children.


Nic Bam wants the mentally ill to have an influential voice for advocacy and freedom of expression by focusing on his artistic intentions with; music, performance, brand culture, films, and non-profits; Nic continues to advocate for more resources as someone that has been diagnosed with; Borderline Personality Disorder, BiPolar Disorder, PTSD and Panic Disorder.


Nic began touring with artists such as; Moka Only, Illa J, and Tanya Morgan throughout Canada and the USA before ever having a commercial release. Nic also worked as the booking agent and tour manager for each tour. His willingness to do all the work to get while maintaining his artistry is witnessed in his performance and heard in his music.


There can be many ways to describe Nic Bam. Aside from being a Jerk. Nicholas Bambrough is another; some call him “Smart” as well… Yes, that is an actual nickname.


Nic was born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Currently a scholar, gentleman, emcee, entertainer, philanthropist, polymath, phonetician, producer, writer, and director (takes a breath.) 


Raised in a family that was outcasted by their own for the reasons of his father’s immature actions and mental illnesses, Nic and his brother struggled by not having a connection to the rest of his family. A family rich with a history of accolades in art, botany, engineering and civil work, which made Nic want to prove himself even more, but Nic had to watch the rest of his successful family from afar while struggling with the parenting provided; Nic began to write rap verses around 1996, looping beats to a cassette and then recording his vocals through headphones as a way to cope with his situation.


Nic has performed at more than 500 shows since 2007, either as a solo performer, in a group or as a hype man. Nic Bam's powerful live performance dominates; you'll be emotionally moved as a crowd member in attendance or intimidated if you’re the following act. Either way, Nic brings power to those struggling to find their way while entertaining and influencing everyone to want more.

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